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As a professional freelancer with its own daylight studio in Düsseldorf Frank Fendler works in still life photography for the smallest objects, with over 15 years of experience. Jewelry and smallest arrangements are his specialty.

Special technique for the macro area are used in the studio.

Another specialty is the love for portrait photography, e.g. beauty shots to find the perfect match between object and light.

all © Frank Fendler



Fendler Studios Düsseldorf  ·   s k y l o f t

Wiesenstr. 72

D-40549 Düsseldorf  ·  Germany

Frank Fendler Fotografie
Wiesenstr. 72
D-40549 Düsseldorf

fon: +49 211 38 40 583
mobil: +49 171 212 98 42

St.Nr. 103/5055/1908 (FA Düsseldorf-Altstadt)
USt.ID: DE121217879


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